Benin to invest 134bn FCFA in road infrastructure in 2014

posted in: Africa

Cotonou, Benin (PANA) – Benin will invest more than 134 billion FCFA (US$280.7million) on several road infrastructure projects, covering 234.19 km, in 2014, PANA reported from here Sunday.

Benin invested about 327 billion FCAF (US$685 million) in road infrastructure in 2013, representing 20 per cent of its national budget, an indication of the priority it places on such projects.

The investment enabled the government to construct 581.30km of tarred roads in 2013, apart from road network maintenance.

About 1,200 km of tracks have also been developed in the rural areas and 7,500km maintained at a cost of 18 billion FCFA (US$37.7 million)