Senegal: The Facebook post that continues to cost candidate Bassirou Diomaye Faye his freedom and his constitutional right to campaign

Some might think it’s a joke and that in no democratic country would a Senegalese government official be arrested after 10 PM without a warrant, let alone held without trial for almost a year for what the Universal Declaration of … Read More

The Constitutional Council specifies that the final election date is March 24.

In a press release issued late on March 7, 2024, the Constitutional Council stated that the presidential elections will take place on March 24 and not on March 31, as previously decided during its session on March 6, 2024. Prompted … Read More

Senegal: The Law of Impunity and Shame Passed in the National Assembly

Despite the opposition of the majority of Senegalese, who believe that there can be no amnesty without crimes being judged and perpetrators punished, ninety members of the Senegal National Assembly hurriedly voted for Macky Sall’s bill. Forty members voted against, … Read More

Whether Macky Sall likes it or not, the elections will take place on March 31, according to the Constitutional Council’s decision

In a turn of events, the long-awaited Constitutional Council finally, on March 6, 2024, set the date of March 31, 2024, for the presidential elections and rejected the proposals from Macky Sall’s national dialogue, pushing the elections to June 12. … Read More

Journalist and director of 7TV Maimouna Ndour Faye stabbed

Journalist and director of 7TV, Maimouna Ndour Faye, was stabbed on the evening of Thursday, February 29, 2024, while on her way home after recording her live show: “L’invité de MNF”. Maimouna Ndour Faye reportedly sustained multiple stab wounds. Related … Read More

Senegal: National Women’s Movement calls for the release of Mère Ami Dia, a critically ill female political detainee

Mojip (Mouvement National Jigeenou Pastef) began Women’s History Month with a press conference, calling for the release of Mère Ami Dia, a mother, wife, and member of Pastef who was arrested in July 2022 on suspicion of funding terrorist activities … Read More

Macky Sall’s dialogue appears to be anything but

According to the dictionary, a dialogue is a “discussion between two or more people or groups, especially one directed toward exploration of a particular subject or resolution of a problem.” However, on February 26, 2024, during the first day of … Read More

The Senegalese engaged in a symbolic vote on February 25 while waiting for actual presidential elections

Without genuine presidential elections, the Senegalese settled for a symbolic vote on February 25, 2024, as they await Macky Sall, mandated on February 15 by the Constitutional Council to organize the elections as soon as possible, to take action. Macky … Read More

Mr. Ngagne Demba Touré, a member of Pastef, has been unjustly arrested, according to the Association of Court Clerks of Senegal

Me Ngagne Demba Touré, the coordinator of the patriotic youth of Senegal who returned from exile in Mali last week, joins the growing list of detained Pastef party members. On Thursday, February 22, 2024, Judge Mamadou Seck placed Me Ngagne … Read More

16 of the 19 candidates say no to Macky Sall’s dialogue

On February 23, 2024, a resounding chorus of refusals followed Macky Sall’s interview with selected press members. In the interview, the President, who is not widely supported, stated that the date of the upcoming elections would only be determined through … Read More

Macky Sall demonstrates his bad faith during an interview with selected Senegalese press

During a rare interview with a selected Senegalese press, Macky Sall reiterated to anyone who would listen that his mandate would end on April 2, 2024, and that beyond this date, he would no longer be in charge. Macky Sall … Read More

Macky Sall: The unwanted president who refuses to leave power

Photo credit: APS When the Constitutional Council rejected Macky Sall’s decree and the National Assembly’s law postponing the presidential elections to December 15 and extending Macky Sally’s mandate, most Senegalese people breathed a sigh of relief. While many had lost … Read More

Senegal: More than 1,000 political detainees are still languishing in jails reminiscent of slavery

The stories of recently released political detainees send chills down your spine. Practices are reminiscent of slavery, but this time, it is not the French but native Senegalese citizens who are the executioners. Cells are packed to the point where … Read More

The Constitutional Council cancels Macky Sall’s law and orders elections be held as soon as possible

In a decision published on February 15, 2024, the constitutional council annulled Macky Sall’s decree and the National Assembly’s law postponing the elections and authorizing the extension of Macky Sall’s mandate by ten months. This decision follows an appeal filed … Read More

The Aar Suñu Elections coalition sets a new date and rolls out its action plan

“The Aar Suñu Elections platform cannot remain passive in the face of repeated attacks on the rights guaranteed by the constitution to Senegalese citizens,” said Mr. Kane, the coalition spokesperson. After a ban by the prefect of Dakar on their … Read More

Khadime Rassoul Badji, the disabled man abused by police, is released

Photo credit: Yatma Fall Khadime Rassoul Badji, the disabled man assaulted by the police, was released this Monday, February 12, at 6 p.m. Khadime Rassoul Badji, was peacefully demonstrating while sitting on his rolling bicycle in the Peyrissac district of … Read More