Khadime Rassoul Badji, the disabled man abused by police, is released

Photo credit: Yatma Fall

Khadime Rassoul Badji, the disabled man assaulted by the police, was released this Monday, February 12, at 6 p.m.

Khadime Rassoul Badji, was peacefully demonstrating while sitting on his rolling bicycle in the Peyrissac district of Ziguinchor on February 9, 2024, when the police attacked him.

Video credit: Carodiallo

Despite his disability, the police showed no compassion. The officers were filmed hitting and dragging Khadime Rassoul Badji before throwing him into their truck.

The National Association of Motor Disabled People of Senegal (ANHMS), through its president, Yatma Fall, condemned police abuses and demanded his release.

“Alone, in the street, draped in national colors, riding quietly, harmless, Khadime expressed his opinion as a citizen, just like anybody else. » declared Yatma Fall on his Facebook page.

The president of the ANHMS added in a press release that “the behavior of the Ziguinchor police is the antithesis of the respect due to all human beings, whatever their situation, and a flagrant violation of the provisions of the International Convention Relating to Persons with Disabilities and ratified by the State of Senegal.”

Khadime Rassoul Badji is just one victim among many of the Senegalese police who are sowing terror during the demonstrations to try to subdue the Senegalese citizens who have been demonstrating since February 4 for respect for the electoral calendar and the organization of presidential elections on February 25, 2024.

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