Public Advocate Jumaane Williams announces new ways New Yorkers can connect with his office

Public Advocate Jumaane Williams announced on June 28, 2020, a new way for New Yorkers to reach out for and be connected to help — the Advocate text line.

By texting to 833-933-1NYC or 833-933-1692, New Yorkers can be connected to information and resources from the Public Advocate’s office and other city agencies.

The Advocate text line can be a method for necessary information, for beginning to organize and take action while adhering to the restrictions of a COVID-19 recovery.

To start using this tool, New Yorkers need to text “HELLO” to 833-933-1692. If they want to continue receiving messages and updates from the Public Advocate’s office, New Yorkers can click the link in the welcome message, or just ask questions as needed and the text tool will work to get them the information needed.

Click here to watch a brief tutorial and learn more.

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