Polish businessmen in Congo to develop economic ties

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Basile Ikouebe, Minister for Foreign Affairs of the Republic of the Congo – Photo: UN


Brazzaville, Congo – A delegation of 18 Polish businessmen arrived in Brazzaville Wednesday to develop economic ties with Congo, the Congolese Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation said.

It said the delegation, accompanied by the Polish Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ms. Beata Stelmach, was due in Pointe-Noire, Congo’s main economic city, Thursday.

Among other engagements involving the Polish businessmen, Congo’s Deputy Minister of Planning and Integration Raphaël Mokoko and Ms. Stelmach will attend an economic forum of Polish and Congolese businessmen.

Heavy industry, mining, technology, agriculture and skills training are, among others, the areas of focus for the partnership, which is consistent with the determination of the Polish government to reach out to Africa in general and Congo in particular.

“Poland and the Congo have several common areas to develop, particularly the field of economy. I brought businessmen operating in small, medium and large companies in my country to develop these economic exchanges. The distance we have traveled to come here demonstrates the importance we attach to our diplomatic relations, ” Ms. Stelmach said.

Before returning home 21 Sept., the visiting businessmen are billed to meet with more than a dozen Congolese government ministers.

The visit follows that of the Congolese Minister of Economy and Finance, Gilbert Ondongo, to Poland last May.