New award for African journalists announced

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Dakar, Senegal – A South African financial services group, Sanlam, Thursday announced a new award for African journalists, the company revealed in a statement.

According to the statement, the ”Sanlam Award” is meant to celebrate journalists’ role in the African growth story and the prestigious financial journalism awards are opened to reporters across Africa.

It is said to be the first time that ‘African Growth Story’ award has been extended to journalists in Africa as a whole.

”The group aims to recognize and celebrate the contribution journalists across the continent are making towards the African growth story,” the statement noted.

The statement pointed out that through the newly introduced award, Sanlam will honour outstanding, in-depth reporting that highlights and contributes towards the economic growth in the continent.

News value, rigour in reporting, originality, impact and story telling are among the criteria that will be used in selecting the ‘African Growth Story’ award winners.

It was further revealed that another award – ”The Sanlam Awards for Excellence in Financial Journalism” — has been rewarding exceptional reporting in South Africa since 1974.

”The category is open to journalists from across the continent who work for African media houses including the print, TV, radio or online media, that are based in Africa and are targeted at African audiences” the statement concluded.

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