A new chapter for the Senegalese Gendarmerie: General Martin Faye replaces Moussa Fall

Major General Martin Faye was officially inaugurated in a solemn ceremony on Tuesday, May 14, 2024, as the Director of Military Justice and High Commander of the National Gendarmerie of Senegal. This appointment, the result of decree No. 2024-988 dated April 24, 2024, marks a decisive turning point for the institution facing the complex security and development challenges in an ever-changing world. General Faye succeeds Moussa Fall, who was absent from the ceremony.


Martin Faye, a General with a Linear Career

A graduate of the National School of Active Officers (ENOA) in Thiès, General Martin Faye embodies excellence and devotion to national service. With a military career of thirty-four years, he has climbed the ranks with determination, transitioning from the army to the Gendarmerie. His commitment to citizen protection and the preservation of territorial integrity is unquestionable, reflecting invaluable expertise and experience to lead the Gendarmerie into new horizons.

In his inaugural speech, General Faye emphasized the crucial importance of communication in the modern security landscape. “In the era of instant information, security institutions must strengthen their interaction with citizens,” he said. His ambitious vision includes the creation of a television channel dedicated to the Gendarmerie, thus increasing transparency and the institution’s commitment to the population. The fight against road accidents has also been identified as a major priority, with enhanced preventive measures and awareness campaigns.


A “Strategic” Appointment

The handover ceremony was marked by the presence of the Minister of Armed Forces, Biram Diop, who hailed General Faye’s strategic appointment. “This appointment demonstrates our determination to strengthen a republican, humane Gendarmerie close to citizens,” said the minister. He highlighted the country’s multiple security challenges, calling for enhanced cooperation between defense and security forces to ensure Senegal’s stability and development.

General Martin Faye embodies hope and confidence in the future by taking the reins of the National Gendarmerie. His bold vision and unwavering commitment pave the way for an era of progress and security for Senegal. With the government’s and citizens’ support, the new High Commander is “ready to face the challenges of the present and shape a promising future for all.”

As a reminder, Major General Moussa Fall has not been the High Commander of the National Gendarmerie and Director of Military Justice since April 24. This follows the decision of the President of the Republic, Bassirou Diomaye Diakhar Faye, who terminated his functions as head of the National Gendarmerie by decree. The new head of the National Gendarmerie was, until his appointment, the Deputy High Commander of the National Gendarmerie and Deputy Director of Military Justice. In other words, he was General Moussa Fall’s assistant.

Looking back, Mr. Fall is part of the authorities of the Former Regime (Macky Sall). He is mentioned and often accused of being responsible for the youths killed during political protests from March 2021 to February 2024. Moreover, he is also among the officials targeted by the Franco-Spanish lawyer of the Prime Minister, Ousmane Sonko, Me Branco, in the judicial procedure he initiated at the International Criminal Court for “crimes against humanity.”

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