David Tlale is building his brand in New York

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South African designer David Tlale with model Maya Haile

By Isseu Diouf-Campbell

South African designer David Tlale has come a long way since his first showcase in New York with Arise Magazine in 2009.

Since then, Tlale has hosted an offsite show at the South African Consulate last February and two solo presentations at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week NY.

“In South Africa where I come from, many people know who David Tlale is, so I came to New York like many other designers to build a brand. New Yorkers are now warming up to the brand and they are starting to understand what we are about.”

His Fall/Winter collection, showcased at Lincoln Center on February 10, 2013, was inspired by South-African jewels, with dominant royal colors such as gold and bronze.

The fabrics, embroidered and treated in India, took the shape of Tlale’s signature high-waisted skirts, pants and long gowns for the red carpet.

Even though, the designer is confident about his creations, he knows that he also has to keep his eyes on the prize.

“With the past three seasons that we’ve done here, some people are starting to pay attention but the ultimate goal is to sell. I have a few appointments in the showroom, and that’s where the real deal is. I will meet buyers, make sure that the product is selling because it’s how things will translate into cash.”

Photos of the event

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