Cape Verde changes name to “Cabo Verde”

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New York, US – The Permanent Mission of the Republic of Cape Verde at the UN, said the African country’s government has decided to undertake a name change from “Republic of Cape Verde” to the “Republic of Cabo Verde”, in all its official correspondence with the organisation.

PANA in New York, reports that the mission, in a letter signed by the Permanent Representative, Ambassador Antonio Pedro Monteiro Lima, stated: “I have the honour on behalf of my Government to request herein the short version of the official name of the country, in all official languages of the United Nations be ‘Capo Verde’.”

A copy of the letter, obtained by PANA on Wednesday, quoted Ambassador Lima as indicating that the name should not be translated into any other language.

He disclosed that the long version of the name in English should be “Republic of Cabo Verde”, and in French “Republique de Cabo Verde”.

The Ambassador also noted that the letter should be circulated to all the 193 member states of the UN for their information.

PANA reports that the letter was sent to the UN Secretary-General Ban

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