Three days before handing over power to President Faye, Macky Sall engages in a series of appointments, recruitments, decorations, salary increases, and contract signings

A day after meeting with the newly elected President Bassirou Diomaye Faye, the incumbent Macky Sall engaged in a series of recruitments, decorations, salary increases, contract signings, and appointments, including that of a judge.

These actions occurred just a couple of days before the scheduled swearing-in ceremony and transition of power on April 2, 2024, as if Macky Sall, who will be remembered as Senegal’s worst president, wanted to show the rest of the world that he was still in charge no matter what. His candidate, Amadou Ba, who was promoting continuity, was defeated at the polls by the Senegalese people, proving once again their determination to get rid of Macky Sall and anyone associated with his regime.

Macky Sall epitomizes the African leader who believes the country’s resources belong to him. Even with a newly elected president and his imminent departure, Macky Sall thinks he can continue to use and misuse the country’s resources to reward individuals who have not been loyal to the country but to him.

Senegal’s debt has skyrocketed under Macky Sall’s regime, which is known for its corrupt practices. Despite the suffering he has caused the Senegalese people, decency dictates that a couple of days before his departure, which most Senegalese people eagerly await, he displays the demeanor of a true leader. However, there is a saying in Wolof that goes: “You can’t expect someone to recite a lesson they have never learned.”

Some sources suggest that this is a way to set up the next administration for failure. However, Macky Sall fails to understand that today is no different. Even after sponsoring a witch-hunt that began in 2021 to prevent members of the political party Pastef from coming into power, President Bassirou Diomaye Faye was still elected in the first round by the Senegalese people on March 24, 2024, receiving 54.28% of the vote. The Constitutional Council confirmed his victory on March 29, 2024.

Macky Sall fails to grasp that no matter what he does, the new administration will succeed in bringing about a new type of governance centered around the Senegalese people, something that he will never know how to do.

Immediately after the swearing-in, Macky Sall is expected to take a new position offered by his master, Emmanuel Macron, who rewarded him for his loyalty to French interests, just as his predecessors did with our first president, Leopold Sedar Senghor, and his protégé Abdou Diouf.

This incompetent breed of leaders with an inferiority complex is precisely what the new generation of Africans wants to eliminate, and the major cleanup has only just begun.

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