Senegalese political activist Ousmane Tounkara thanks community for continuous support

Photos credit: Isseu Diouf Campbell

Senegalese political activist Ousmane Tounkara, his family and support committee, hosted a Thank you Barbecue on June 6, 2021 at Morningside Park in Harlem.

The very-well-attended gathering was a day of celebration for children and adults, who enjoyed the nice weather, traditional Senegalese music, good food and the presence of Ousmane Tounkara himself.

Ousmane Tounkara arrived later during the day and took the time to greet each attendee to thank them for their continuous support.

Tounkara who was released on May 25, 2021 from immigration custody had taken some time off to be with his family whom he was separated from for more than 2 months.

He reiterated his commitment to the fight for democracy in Senegal. He shared that the work was just beginning, and more announcements would be made in the near future.

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