New African & French fusion eatery in Harlem

L-R: Restaurant owner Rachid Niang with Senegalese chef Asta

By Isseu Diouf-Campbell

Restaurant owner Rachid Niang has combined his sense of management with the culinary talent of Senegalese chef Asta and opened a new restaurant in Harlem called J. Restaurant Chez Asta on February 24, 2013.

Hundreds of customers visited the venue and enjoyed the free food served during opening day.

Offering fine African and French cuisine, the restaurant, located on Eighth Ave., between 132nd and 133rd Streets, is open 7 days a week.

Thiebou Djeun, grilled lamb, fish or chicken, foufou, okra sauce, mechoui, peanut butter stew or Yassa are some of the dishes featured on the J. Restaurant Chez Asta menu.

Call (212) 862-3663.

Photos of the event

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