Joloff restaurant relocates

L-R: Papa K. Diagne, owner of Joloff Restaurant with his sister and two daughters

By Isseu Diouf Campbell

The recent closing party for Papa K. Diagne’s Le Joloff Restaurant located on Fulton Street was not supposed to be a sad moment, but a moment of celebration for the eatery’s relocation.
Diagne – whose establishment is more than 17 years old – wanted to celebrate his restaurant’s new beginning. But the joyful ambiance became serious when members of the community started giving testimony. And the atmosphere at the event became especially emotional when his daughter, Aminata, spoke.
But for Papa it is not the location that matters, but what you do with. His new restaurant located at 1168 Bedford Ave., will be offering a wide array of dishes with the signature “Taste of Senegal” patrons have enjoyed. For more info, visit

Photos of the event

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