Photos: Project Enterprise 9th Charles B. Benenson Entrepreneur Awards

PE 9th Charles B. Benenson Entrepreneur Awards Photo credits: Isseu Diouf Campbell Related Images:

Minority & women firms seek city and state contracts

L-R: Tom Allon, Bill De Blasio, John Liu, Sandra Wilkin,  Rev. Jacques Andre Degraff, Christine Quinn, William Thompson, and Scott Stringer By Isseu Diouf Campbell Minority and women business owners networked, gained information and made a resounding call for more … Read More

Joloff restaurant relocates

L-R: Papa K. Diagne, owner of Joloff Restaurant with his sister and two daughters By Isseu Diouf Campbell The recent closing party for Papa K. Diagne’s Le Joloff Restaurant located on Fulton Street was not supposed to be a sad … Read More