March for Stolen Lives & Looted Dreams- #TheTakeBack -9077-2

Activists march ‘for Stolen Lives & Looted Dreams’

Activists across New York gathered for the March for Stolen Lives & Looted Dreams: #TheTakeBack on June 6, 2020. The mobilization began on 110th Street and 8th Ave in Harlem and concluded with a rally and concert in Washington Square Park.

Organizers have tied the march on Saturday to specific demands, including calling on Mayor de Blasio to cut the NYPD’s $6 billion budget and redirect funding into youth and community programs, as well as calling on Governor Cuomo to repeal the policy secrecy law known as 50-A, which allows the NYPD to conceal misconduct records from the public. The full list of demands, and up-to-date information about the march, can be found at

The march was planned by over a dozen local organizations, including Justice League NYC and parent organization, The Gathering for Justice, Until Freedom, The Arc of Justice and others.

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