Tunisia: Prime Minister denies corruption allegations in oil sector

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Tunis, Tunisia (PANA) – Tunisian Prime Minister Mehdi Jomâa has denied allegations of corruption in the country’s oil sector, particularly regarding the agreement signed with the oil companies under the control by the country’s oil commission.

Speaking on 100th anniversary of his government, the Premier said Tunisia receives at least 62% of oil revenues, a percentage that can exceed 80% if the government participates in the extraction and canvassing operations.

For the phosphate sector, Mr Jomâa said the government had taken measures to improve productivity in the mining basin to an estimated 500,000 tonnes in April 2014, or more than 50% compared to production the same period last year.

He said the sector had recorded losses for about 3 billion Tunisian dinars (US$185 million) since the revolution in 2011.

Photo: Tunivers