Three Africans honored at the NYPD Community Appreciation Day

By Isseu Diouf Campbell

Dr. Chika Onyeani, the African Sun Times publisher, Ibrahima Kaw Saw, permanent secretary of the Association of Senegalese of America, and Bukola S. Shonuga, founder of Welcome to America, were among the twenty one immigrants honored by the NYPD Community Affairs Bureau during its 2nd annual Community Appreciation Day.

The leaders were recognized for their commitment to their communities and their partnership with the NYPD in improving community relations throughout the city.

Officials who attended the event, which took place on April 23, 2014 at Brooklyn Borough Hall, included the consul general of Nigeria, H.E. Habib Baba Habu, and Brooklyn Borough president Eric Adams.

Sergeant Raymond Morales took advantage of the gathering to warn the audience about a current scam targeting New Yorkers. The scammer generally calls the victim pretending to be collecting a debt for a utility company or the Internal Revenue Service and threatens the victim with a loss of service or deportation if he or she doesn’t pay right away through a Moneypak card. A Moneypak card is a reloadable debit card, and when its 14 digit security code is given to the scammer, he or she usually transfers the money onto a another card for his/her personal use.

For more information about the scam, visit:


Photos NYPD Community Appreciation Day 2013

Photos NYPD Community Appreciation Day 2013
Photos NYPD Community Appreciation Day 2013