Three African countries on world solar energy consumption ranking

Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire (PANA) – South Africa, Cape Verde and Mauritius are the top three African countries on the world solar energy consumption ranking this year.

According to SolarSuperState, which carried out the ranking, South Africa and Cape Verde reached about 20 watts of solar energy use per inhabitant.

However, Cape Verde, which ranks 39th in the world ranking, is the first African country, followed by South Africa which ranks at the 42nd position and Mauritius, with a 10 watt consumption, which is at the 51st position.

The Association SolarSuperState is the world’s voice for people and organizations who can draw profit from the fast evolution of markets for the decentralized renewable energy technologies.

SolarSuperState controls all countries through its ranking, awards the annual SolarSuperStar prize and treats demands made by all states with 100% of national renewable energy with regard to the consumption over the past five years.