The United States pledges continued assistance as Libyans mark Kadhafi’s fall

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Tripoli, Libya– On the occasion of the second anniversary of the ‘liberation of Libya’ from the late Mouammar Kadhafi, the US government has reassured Libyans of continued assistance.

The assurance was given here Thursday by American Ambassador to Libya, Mrs. Deborah Jones, who said “We will continue helping Libya in establishing a new identity and building a new nation.”

She observed that Libyans voluntarily decided to put an end to 42 years of despotic rule by making huge sacrifices in a bid to build a safe, free and prosperous country in line with the rule of law.

The diplomat said despite current obstacles, Libyans have a great future ahead.

The second anniversary of the country’s liberation is, however, celebrated against the backdrop of violence and insecurity across the country.

Libyan authorities have been facing difficulties in reclaiming arms from unauthorised owners across the country since the overthrow of Kadhafi.

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