The Aar Suñu Elections coalition calls for a citizen response to Macky Sall’s downward spiral

“It was the Senegalese citizen who was attacked. It is the citizen who was robbed, so the response must match the aggression,” this is what one of the members of Aar Suñu Elections declared during their first press conference held on February 8 in Dakar.

The line of action of the new coalition bringing together citizen movements and civil society is simple: a citizen response to the aggression made by President Macky Sall and the National Assembly.

Aar Suñu Elections (Save Our Elections) calls on Senegalese Muslim citizens on Friday, February 9, to a day of prayer dressed in white, green, yellow, and red to demonstrate their anger and outrage at the actions of President Macky Sall and the National Assembly who postponed the presidential elections initially scheduled for February 25 to December 15, 2024. This postponement also extends Macky Sall’s mandate by at least one year, which the Senegalese want to avoid at all costs.

Christians will show their disagreement on Sunday, the day of mass.

A large rally and a general strike are also planned this weekend and next week.

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