EU struggling to convince the East African Community to sign the Economic Partnership Agreement

On the verge of losing access to the lucrative export markets, the European Union (EU) said Wednesday it was prepared to consider a request for Kenyan exporters to continue exports to the EU, should the two sides fail to sign … Read More

Kenya: East African leaders agree to bolster regional trade

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Nairobi, Kenya (PANA) – East African Community (EAC) leaders took steps Friday to boost regional trade, which hit US$5.8 billion in 2013, with the signing of a new treaty to expand the mandate of a court to resolve disputes arising … Read More

EAC leaders take first step to political federation

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Dar es Salaam, Tanzania (PANA) – Leaders of the five-nation East African Community (EAC) took Wednesday a decisive step by directing their Council of Ministers to initiate the process of drafting a constitution for the political federation. According to a communiqué … Read More

EAC mission says Rwanda needs proactive journalism in electoral process

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Musa Sirma, Kenya’s former EAC Affairs Minister PANA Dar es Salaam, Tanzania – Measures should be taken to encourage responsive and proactive journalism in the electoral process, while abiding by the code of conduct for the media in Rwanda, the East … Read More

Belgium, Finland offer Euros 2.9m support to EAC integration project

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Jean Claude Nsengiyumva, East African Community Deputy Secretary General PANA Dar es Salaam, Tanzania – Belgium and Finland have offered 2.9 million euros to the East African Community (EAC) to support various activities geared toward accelerating the regional integration agenda. The Ambassadors of … Read More