Sudan rejects US appeals court ruling on compensations to USS Cole victims

Sudan says it will appeal a ruling by a US court of appeals that ordered payment of hundreds of millions of dollars to victims of an American warship, USS Cole, attacked by Al Qaeda in 2000.

A Foreign Ministry statement said the Khartoum government would not acknowledge a ruling by the United States court of appeals ordering banks in the US to turn over Sudanese funds to victims of the USS Cole destroyer that was subjected to a deadly attack by al-Qaeda in 2000.

A US court last week ruled in favour of the family of the victims of the ship, and ordered a number of banks holding Sudanese money and assets, to help pay them.

“The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, given its full belief in the soundness of the Sudan’s position, would like to express its non-recognition of the decision of the American Court of Appeals,” a press release by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said.

The release said the Ministry would follow up with its attorney general’s office appealing this ruling to the higher court.

The Foreign Ministry said the Sudanese government is fully convinced that it had no connection with the case and would appeal against this ruling.

Source PANA