Sudan rejects renewal of US economic sanctions, accuses Washington of double standards

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US President George W. Bush (R) speaks to the press with Sudanese First Vice President and President of Southern Sudan Salva Kiir in Washington, Photo: Jim Watson/AFP/Getty Images


Khartoum, Sudan – Sudan has expressed its dismay over the renewal of US economic sanctions against the African nation, saying there is no justification for what it calls ”mere economic pressure”.

The official Radio Omdurman said Friday the Sudanese government has rejected the renewal of the US sanctions which have been in effect since 1997.

Quoting a statement issued by the Sudanese Foreign Ministry on Thursday, the Radio said the Ministry expressed its dismay for the renewal of the unilateral sanctions for another year by US President Barack Obama, despite continued efforts by Sudan to achieve sustainable peace and socioeconomic development.

The Ministry argued that the entire world, except the US and its ally Israel, agrees that such unilateral sanctions constitute a flagrant violation of the international law and the peoples’ rights to development and acquisition of basic services of health, education, technology and other sustainable development services.

The Ministry said the renewal of the sanctions was spurred by ”unjustifiable political motives” and the use of “double standards” against the Sudan, adding that if, by the renewal, Washington wanted to fight terrorism, then it should know that by so doing it would only nourish terrorism.