Souleymane Porgo wakes up after week-long coma

Photos by Isseu Diouf Campbell

West African street vendor Souleymane Porgo regained consciousness yesterday evening at the intensive care unit of Lincoln Hospital.

His brother Issa, a cab driver who has not been to work since the incident occurred said with a smile.

“He is awake. This is a good sign.”

Due to an increasing number of visitors, the family has put in place restrictions. Only a carefully selected number of people, mainly family members, are allowed to visit Porgo.

Ambroise Ngande from the African Advisory Council of the Bronx was one of the privileged ones. He visited Porgo at around 7:30 PM and was happy to see him aware.

“If you look at the response that we are getting now compared to the trauma he went through, I think he is going to be ok,” said Ngande.

“Porgo’s wife told me that he responded after she played an audio of their children,” Ngande added.

Souleymane Porgo was in a coma for more than a week after being brutally assaulted by a group of men in the afternoon of May 2 at the corner of 149th street and 3rd ave.

Three members of the group have so far been arrested.

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