Senegal: Presidential candidates reject President Macky Sall’s last-minute decree

In a press conference held a few hours after President Macky Sall’s speech repealing the decree convening the electoral body, the candidates validated by the constitutional council expressed their fed up with a regime that exceeds its powers to try to monopolize the presidential chair against the will of the Senegalese people.

In his speech to the nation, President Macky announced the signing less than a month before the presidential elections of “decree 2024-106 of February 3, 2024, repealing decree 2023-2283 of November 29, 2023, convening the electoral body. »

The candidates unanimously declared that nothing will prevent them from starting their presidential campaign on February 4, 2024, to give the Senegalese people the opportunity to hear the different programs and to choose with serenity the one they think can bring a solution to the high rate of youth unemployment, the high cost of living, and the obsolete and expensive health system.

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