Primary Election Day is June 25th and Polls are Open Until 9 p.m.

Marching or protesting is good, but voting is better, especially in local elections. The leaders you elect will advocate for you—or not.


Harlem Races

District 70 State Assembly Seat:
Replacing retiring Assembly Member Inez Dickens



Shana Harmongoff
Top 3 Issues:

  • Mental Health
  • Housing & Homelessness
  • Economic Development/Small Business


Maria Ordonez
Top 3 Issues:

  • New York’s housing crisis
  • Underfunded schools
  • Access to healthcare


Craig Schley
Top 3 Issues:

  • Income-Targeted Housing
  • Federally Funded Film & TV Industry
  • Gun Violence & Needs of Seniors


Jordan J.G. Wright
Top 3 Issues:

  • Housing
  • Economic and Workforce Development
  • Youth Services


District 71 State Assembly Seat:
Current Assembly Member Al Taylor vs. Julien Segura

Al Taylor
Top 3 Issues:

  • Safe, stable, affordable housing
  • Getting guns off the street
  • Educating our young people

Julien Segura
Top 3 Issues:

  • Housing
  • Mental Health
  • Climate, Environment, Toxics & Parks


Bronx Races

District 16 U.S. House Seat:
Jamaal Bowman vs. George S. Latimer

Jamaal Bowman
Top 3 Issues:

  • Housing and climate
  • Healthcare and violence prevention
  • Jobs and Education

George S. Latimer
Top 3 Issues:

  • Affordable housing creation
  • Protecting Choice
  • Strengthening gun control


District 14 U.S. House Seat:
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez vs. Marty Dolan

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
Top 3 Issues:

  • Build new affordable housing
  • Guarantee healthcare for all
  • Create jobs in clean energy economy

Marty Dolan
Top 3 Issues:

  • Regrow the Middle Class
  • Common sense immigration policies
  • Addressing out-of-touch criminal reforms

Polls are open until 9 p.m. To find your polling site, click here.

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