Primaries in Harlem show a low turnout

Photos credit: Isseu Diouf Campbell

We like to march and protest, but when it comes to voting, not many of us show up to the poll site.

On June 23, 2021, Primary Day, among the 135,172 registered voters in District 9, only 23,069 votes were counted, with the majority going to incumbent Bill Perkins, with 4,761, followed closely by Kristin Richardson Jordan with 4,467, and Athena Moore at 2,549.

Former Perkins chief of staff Cordell Cleare, whom Africa in Harlem followed a few hours before the polls close, received 2,326 votes.

These results are not final. The mail-in ballots that will be counted next week before the ranked choice voting tabulation can start, will tell us if Bill Perkins will get to keep his seat or not.

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