Only the Constitutional Council can pull Senegal out of the abyss, says electoral expert Mamadou Seck

In an interview with Mamadou Seck, the electoral expert explains that all is not lost and that it is still possible to hold presidential elections on February 25, 2024, if the Constitutional Council decides.

A rushed parliamentary investigation which resulted in a law postponing the elections by ten months has ended up undermining the morale of the Senegalese who have been demonstrating since the announcement last Saturday by President Macky Sall of the repeal of the decree summoning the electoral body.

Despite the protest of assembly members expelled from the National Assembly by the police, the law was passed.

Mamadou Seck recalled that several election candidates intended to appeal to the Constitutional Council to challenge the law and enforce the electoral calendar.

And despite the suspicions of corruption weighing on two constitutional judges, Mr. Seck is confident that the judges will rectify the situation to allow the Senegalese people to go to the polls on February 25, 2024. After all, the stability of the country depends on it.

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