Schools will reopen for students from 3-k to grade 5 and District 75

NYC Schools will reopen for students from 3-k to grade 5 and District 75

Photo credit: NYC Department of Education

Students in 3-K and Pre-K programs, as well as those in grade k through grade 5 who have opted for in-person learning will return to school buildings on Monday, December 7, and schools serving students with the most significant disabilities, known as District 75, will return on December 10th. Middle and High Schools will remain remote for the time being.

By the time students return to buildings on December 7th, a consent form for testing will be required for all students and staff, and every school will participate in weekly random testing for 20 percent of their in-person population. Parents can fill out the consent form online using a New York City Schools Account (NYCSA) at or print and sign the form and bring it to school on their first day back to buildings.

The most recent positivity rate in NYC schools is 0.28 percent–453 positive cases out of 159,842 tests. The Situation Room will continue to take fast action following established protocol for tracing COVID cases that are reported from both outside and in-school testing.

Schools will also continue to work towards accommodating students in person five days per week. This includes the approximately 300,000 students who have shown up to in-person learning so far, and the 35,000 students who opted-in earlier this month. Superintendents will work with their schools to adjust schedules as needed with the goal of full-time in-person education in the coming weeks for the students who have selected that option.

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