Nigerian Muslims mark eid-eil Kabir with prayers

posted in: Africa

Photo: M. Tawsif Salam


Lagos, Nigeria – Muslims in Nigeria Tuesday joined their counterparts from across the world in celebrating Eid Eil-Kabir, otherwise known as the feast of sacrifice, with a call from clerics to remain steadfast, obey and abide by the injunctions of the Almighty God.

“My view about the Eid Eil Kabir festival, is all about ethics as regards how Prophet Abraham was obedient to Allah, his son Ismail was also obedient to his father, to obey Allah’s commandments is mandatory for all.

“The lesson to be learnt from this is being obedient to God. To be perseverance, faithful, tolerant and fulfilling all promises made,” Ustaz Mohammed Haruna told PANA shortly after the Eid prayers at the National Stadium in Lagos.

Despite the early morning rain, many Muslim families dressed in their best attires defiled the down pour to join others in observance of the two rakat prayers and give thanks to Allah.

Also speaking on the significance of the festival, another Islamic scholar, Abubakar Bello, enjoined the faithfuls to continue to leave in peace with other Nigerians and promote good neighbourliness.

He also called on the political leaders to address the high rate of unemployment, insecurity and other economic problems facing the country.

A significant aspect of the celebration is the symbolic killing of ram for those who could afford it.