Nigeria, UK review immigration matters

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Abuja, Nigeria (PANA) – Nigeria and United Kingdom met Wednesday in Abuja to review its Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on immigration.

Among issues discussed were the transfer of jailed persons, visa services between both countries, cooperation on the return of Nigerian nationals remaining unlawfully in the UK, cooperation on trafficking and on immigration policies.

Leader of Nigerian delegation and Permanent Secretary, Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Martin Uhomoibhi, while welcoming members of the UK delegation, led by the Director of Compliance, Hugh Ind, said that the meeting would enable the two countries to undertake a robust review of how well previous framework agreement has worked for the both countries.

He recalled that during the last meeting, one of the “definite and welcome decisions” was for the UK to rescind its proposed plan to levy 3,000 pounds for UK visa for prospective travellers from Nigeria and some few other countries from the Commonwealth.

“I know that we all have hugely high expectations for this review and meeting given the progress that we have made in 2013 in this all important matter. If necessary, we want to be able to agree on areas that can easily be amended within the mandate of the framework agreement and the challenges caused by irregular migration, is one that can only be address through the periodic review exercise.”

He added: “Today, as we embark on this meeting, it is my hope that the atmosphere of respect and understanding which pervade throughout 2013 meeting will guide us in this Abuja deliberation and so lead us into greater understanding and mutual cooperation in ensuring acceptable outcome for our government and citizens.”

In his remarks, Mr. Ind noted that immigration remained one of the issues facing the global community.

According to him, Nigeria and UK relationship has been cordial, adding that MoU on Immigration and Trade is an instrument for forging common ties.

“Our commitment to the global MoU on Immigration and Trade will help to promote peace and the progress made so far has paved way for the way forward.”

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