New York City’s new health commissioner Dr. Ashwin Vasan meets with community and ethnic media

Photos credit: Isseu Diouf Campbell

With the recent uptick of COVID cases in New York City, the new health commissioner, Dr. Ashwin Vasan, met with the community and ethnic media on April 6, 2022, at City Hall to share the City’s latest updates on mental health and Covid-19. 

The new commissioner stressed the importance of getting vaccinated and keeping masks on, especially little New Yorkers under five who aren’t eligible for a vaccine yet.

The treatment for COVID-19 Commissioner Vasan recommends for most New Yorkers is an antiviral and 5-day course pill called Paxlovid, which doctors can prescribe. It is meant to reduce symptoms, hospitalizations, and severe illness.

Dr. Vasan also discussed the importance of fighting against mental health stigma and getting help through NYC Well. 


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