Moustapha Niasse comes first in New York

Counting the votes in polling station number 4

By Isseu Diouf Campbell

Thousands of Senegalese citizens converged yesterday towards Wadleigh school, one of New York’s voting centers located in Harlem, to elect the next president of the West African country Senegal. From 8am to 7pm, they came in and out of the building, and even if many didn’t support the same candidates, the ambiance was fun-filled. 14 candidates were competing for the highest office in the land but only three distanced themselves from the other candidates. Moustapha Niasse, who is the coalition’s candidate, came first with 674 votes, followed by incumbent president Abdoulaye Wade (557) votes and former President of the National Assembly Macky Sall (467). In Senegal, the same three candidates were holding the top positions and even if many of Wade’s supporters were expecting a first round victory, the results both in Senegal and abroad tend to lead towards a second round.

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