Mauritius: Govt urged to freeze relations with Israel over ‘aggression’

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Port-Louis, Mauritius (PANA) – A Mauritian political party, ‘Lalit’, and the NGO Centre Idrice Goomany called Monday on the Mauritian Government to freeze diplomatic and commercial relations with Israel ‘because of its aggressive campaign against Hamas and the Palestinians since July 7, 2014’.

In a letter addressed to Mauritian Foreign Affairs Minister Arvin Boolell, they wrote: ”With the death toll continuing to climb, it has become urgent to stand up and speak out for justice and for an end to Israeli impunity.”

They believed the draconian actions of the Israeli government have collectively punished Palestinians ”in violation of international law”.

Lalit and Centre Idrice Goomany said the Israeli armed forces have bombarded and continue to bombard Palestinians living under Israeli military occupation in the blockaded Gaza Strip.

The two parties also called on the Minister to initiate international moves for an arms embargo on the entire Middle East.

”In this way, Mauritius can take its responsibility and force Israel to pay a price for its immoral and illegal actions. This will force Israel to reconsider and eventually end its use of military force against the Palestinian people,” they said.