Mauritania, Guinea-Bissau opt for political solution to the Libyan crisis

The Leaders of Mauritania and Guinea-Bissau have suggested that a political solution was the best way to resolve the military and security crisis rocking Libya for years now.

In a joint communiqué issued at the end of a two-day working visit to Nouakchott by the Guinea-Bissau president, Jose Mario Vaz, the two leaders said they welcomed decisions reached at the 17 January 2017 meeting of the African Union high-level Committee on Libya, in the Congolese capital, Brazzaville, under the presidency of the Congolese president, Denis Sassou N’Guesso, and attended by the Nigerien president, Mahamadou Issoufou, and the Mauritanian president, Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz.

Congo, Niger, and Mauritania are members of the AU high-level committee on Libya.

The meeting concluded that ‘there will be no military solution to the Libyan crisis’, and that the resolution passed would provide the necessary political deal.

The decisions made in the Congolese capital aim ‘to reconcile all actors involved in the Libyan conflict without exclusion and to restore peace and stability through the quick implementation of a ‘movement order’.

Libya is going through political, military, security, economic and humanitarian crises which have rubbed off on all its neighboring countries.