Libya: Ex-Libyan MP killed

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Tripoli, Libya (PANA) – Former member of the Libyan National General Congress (NGC, Parliament) Feriha al-Berkaoui was shot dead Thursday in the eastern city of Derna, hospital sources said.

Mrs. al-Berkaoui was shot dead in her car by unidentified gunmen.

Former MP of the city of Derna, Mrs al-Berkaoui resigned in February 2014 to protest against the inability of Congress and the government to end the violence in the country.

The city of Derna, like all other cities in the eastern region, including Benghazi, is in the grip of radical Islamist groups who have carried out targeted killings against security personnel, journalists, politicians, civil society and human rights activists as well as ordinary citizens and foreign nationals.

In Benghazi Wednesday, an officer of the military intelligent services was shot dead while two civilians, including an imam, were killed in separate attacks.