Libya: Civil society activists close Benghazi airport

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Benghazi, Libya (PANA) – A group of civil society protesters closed on Sunday the Benghazi airport, in protest against insecurity in the country.

“The civil society group forced the airport authorities to end all activities, including the landing and taking off of planes,” said the director of the Benina airport of Benghazi, Ibrahim Farkach.

A Turkish plane was prevented from landing at the Benghazi airport, he said.

Meanwhile, authorities are negotiating with several members of the civil society who are currently holding a sit-in at the airport.

Several civil society organizations in Benghazi called on Saturday a civil disobedience movement, demanding the government to resolve the emergency problems and to freeze the activities of the National General Congress (NGC), the country’s highest parliamentary and political authority.

In a communiqué made public in a news conference on the garrison of the Libyan army Special Forces in Benghazi, the organizers said that the civil disobedience movement will continue until their demands are met.

Response to the movement was restricted to Benghazi as their counterparts in other cities, particularly Tripoli, refused to join the movement.