If you are an eligible Black or Brown voter who chooses not to vote, like systemic racism and white supremacy, you are part of the problem!

If there were any doubts about how America felt about its Black and Brown citizens, the events that unfolded since March 2020, the beginning of the Coronavirus epidemic, has painted a clear picture of how America is still so racist despite being built by kidnapped Africans on stolen land from Native Americans and Mexico.

Black and Brown citizens in this country have watched for centuries resources being stolen from them and as a result see the wealth gap between them and white America widen in extraordinary proportions.

The biggest lie about it is that Black and Brown people don’t work hard enough and need to lift themselves by the bootstrap. I wonder what those who never lifted themselves by the bootstrap know about the concept to even recommend it to others.

Black and Brown citizens marched for centuries to demand change and get what is rightfully theirs. But marches and protests have their limits and without the right leadership in place, not much will really change.

This year, in New York City, Black and Brown New Yorkers have a unique opportunity to change the entire political system in the City from the Mayor, to the entire City Council and the District Attorney.

The mayor is the one appointing all the Commissioners including the one for the Police, the department of education and housing, the three main issues for Black and Brown people.

The City Council negotiates the country’s largest municipal budget, passes legislation, reviews land use and monitor City agencies.

The District Attorney decides who to prosecute and history has shown that the office has a particular obsession with Black and Brown New Yorkers as if they were the only residents of this City.

Primary Day is June 22, and Black and Brown New Yorkers can choose the right leaders who will distribute the resources that they are hired to manage to ALL New Yorkers and not just to a minority.

If you are an eligible Black or Brown voter who chooses not to vote, you are helping systemic racism and white supremacy, and like them, you are part of the problem!

For this upcoming Primary, Africa in Harlem is endorsing:
– For Mayor: number one Eric Adams and number two Maya Wiley
– For Public Advocate: number one Jumaane Williams and number two Anthony Herbert
– For City Comptroller: number one Brian Benjamin and number two Kevin Parker
– For City Council 9: number one Cordell Cleare and number two Athena Moore
– For District Attorney: Alvin L. Bragg Jr.

To find your poll site, visit: https://findmypollsite.vote.nyc/