HCCI honors Michael J. Garner, Vy Higginsen, Iesha Sekou, Jennifer Jones-Austin, Rev. Reginal Williams, Clark Pena, Carolyn Paul and Rev. Watkins, Jr.

Photos: Isseu Diouf Campbell

Harlem Congregations for Community improvement (HCCI) hosted its 17th Annual Let Us Break Bread Together Awards Gala on June 26, at Marina Del Rey.

The organization honored Michael J. Garner, President, One Hundred Black Men of New York City; Vy Higginsen, Founder and Executive Director, MAMA Foundation for the Arts; Jennifer Jones-Austin, Executive Director & CEO/FPWA; Rev. Reginal Williams, President/CEO, Addicts Rehabilitation Center of New York; Clark Pena, Director of Advocacy The Construction Workforce Project.

Special community awards went to Carolyn Paul, Rev. Dr. William L. Watkins, Jr., Iesha Sekou, and Robert “Bob” McCollough, Sr.



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