Gambia says withdrawal from Commonwealth non-negotiable

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President Yahya Jammeh – Photo: UN


Banjul, Gambia – President Yahya Jammeh of Gambia has said his country’s withdrawal from the Commonwealth of Nations is final and not subject to negotiation, the Gambia Radio and Television Services announced here Tuesday.

It quoted Jammeh as saying the decision to withdraw from the 54-strong group of nations was made based on the principle that the country does not want to be part of any colonial or neo-colonial institution.

The government explanation followed the massive condemnation of the decision by Gambian opposition leaders.

According to a press release, the government also warned its partners that “there was no point sending special envoys to Banjul urging us to reconsider our decision”, saying “the Commonwealth remains at best a neo-colonial institution and at worst an animal farm, an idea which The Gambia will never subscribe to.”

“We further assure that the decision would not affect the bilateral relations with our allies,” it added.

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