First major private oil refinery ‘begins operation in 2018’ in Nigeria

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Lagos, Nigeria (PANA) – Nigeria’s efforts to end the importation of petroleum products for domestic consumption will get a boost when the country’s first major privately-owned oil refinery begins operation in 2018.

According to local media reports, work is progressing rapidly on the Dangote Refining and Petrochemical Plant, situated on the outskirts of the economical capital city of Lagos.

The plant, its management said, has a refining capacity of 650,000 barrels per day (bpd), plus the production of 750,000 metric tonnes of polypropylene per year and 2.8 million tonnes of fertilizer per annum.

Nigeria consumed between 35 and 40 million litres of fuel per day, most of them imported because the state-run refineries have been operating at far below installed capacity.


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