Egypt: Arab League called on to protect Libya’s oil installations

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Cairo, Egypt (PANA) – The Speaker of the Libyan Chamber of Representatives (Parliament), Aguila Saleh Gueider, called on the Arab League to intervene in Libya to protect vital installations, which have been targets of attacks by armed groups.

Forces affiliated to “Fajr Libya”, a coalition of armed groups, including Islamists, launched an offensive on 13 December aimed at taking control of the oil terminals in the region of Hilal (Oil crescent) in the east of the country which has the most important ports – Al-Sedra, Ras Lanouf and Brega. All these have been closed because of the clashes.

At a joint news conference with the Secretary General of the Arab League, Nabil Al-Arabi in the Egyptian capital, Cairo, Mr Gueider praised the role played by the Arab League during the 17 February revolution in Libya, urging it to make more efforts for the Libyan people.

The Speaker of the Libyan Parliament asked why countries treated the legitimate Parliament and the government elected from it and the armed groups in Libya on the same level, stressing that there was only one legitimate parliament – the Chamber of Representatives.

On last month’s suicide attack that targeted the Chamber of Representatives, Mr Gueider deplored the fact that MPs were injured slightly and that only the bomber was killed in the attack.

A car bomb exploded on 30 December, near the back gate of an hotel in Dar-es-Salam, in the eastern city of Tobruk, where the seat of the Chamber of Representatives is located, while the MPs were meeting on the ground floor of the building.



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