December 12th Movement rallies at Whole Foods Harlem for Amazon workers in Alabama

Photo credits: Isseu Diouf Campbell

The December 12th Movement was back in Harlem on March 20, 2021 at Whole Foods, rallying for workers’ rights. The gathering was the last push before the end of March, marking the deadline by which Amazon workers of Bessemer, Alabama can vote to unionize.

The group was joined this week by Black organizer Chris Smalls, fired last year by Amazon for reasons he believes are related to his advocacy at the Staten Island warehouse. Far from being discouraged, he has since then started his own organization and will be urging his former colleagues on Staten Island to follow in Bessemer’s workers’ footsteps.

All eyes are on the Bessemer Amazon warehouse. If enough workers vote to join a union, this victory can open the gates to a wave of unionization across Amazon warehouses.


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