“Commissioner O’Neill I thank you for doing the right thing” says Eric Garner’s daughter

By Isseu Diouf Campbell

An hour after Commissioner James O’Neill announced the firing of NYPD officer Daniel Pantaleo for using a banned chokehold that killed Eric Garner; Garner’s two children Eric Garner Jr. and Emerald Garner along with Reverend Al Sharpton held a press conference at the National Action Network in Harlem.

“We are relieved but not celebratory”, said Rev. Al Sharpton. “Let us also remember that there were other police officers involved that ought to also dealt with.”

“Commissioner O’Neill I thank you for doing the right thing,” said Eric Garner’s daughter Emerald Garner before adding: “I truly, sincerely thank you for firing the officer regardless of however you came up with your decision. You finally made a decision that should have been made 5 years ago. “

“I should be here with my father but Pantaleo took that away from me on 7/17 so yes he is fired but the fight is not over.”


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