Togolese woman threatened with expulsion allowed to stay in Belgium

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Brussels, Belgium (PANA) – A 19-year-old Togolese woman, identified as Cynthia, who was facing expulsion from Belgium after fleeing her house because her father beat her, is allowed to remain in the country until July 15, 2015.

Although Cythia had found refuge with a Belgian family, which intends to protect her, the police wanted the young woman to return to her mother in Togo since she is no longer living with her father.

The High School, where she is in her final year, has sprung to the defence of the brilliant student with the Director of the school and students sending a letter to the new Belgian State Secretary in charge of Immigration and Asylum, Theo Franken, demanding the cancellation of her deportation order.

Meanwhile, the Foreign Office has requested the suspension of deportations of illegal immigrants to African countries affected by Ebola saying they fear that police officers escorting the deportees could return to Belgium and import the disease into the country.